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        Forging Company Held "Safe Production Month" Oath Signing Activity

        From June 1 to 3, on the 20th "Safety Production Month" in China, the Forging Company carried out safety oath activities, and more than 400 employees made solemn commitments to the society, the enterprise and themselves with oath, marking the official opening of the "Safety Production Month" of the Forging Company in 2021.

        At the beginning of the activity, the leaders of the Company said that through the development of safety activities, we should strengthen the basis of safety and quality management, enhance the awareness of safety production, improve the sense of responsibility and mission, strengthen the implementation of main responsibilities, further pay attention to accident prevention and control, control the on-site safety, always tighten the string of safety production, and eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents.

        "Always keep in mind the policy of ' Safety First, Precaution Crucial, Treatment Comprehensive ', strictly abide by safety laws and regulations, earnestly fulfill the responsibility of safety production, comprehensively improve safety skills, regard safety as life and hidden dangers as natural enemies", sentence by sentence, sonorous and powerful oath resounded through the workshop, and jointly sounded the alarm bell of Nanshan safety education. As Nanshan employees, we should keep the standards, norms and safety production in mind, strictly abide by Nanshan safety production discipline, and do not command or operate against rules. We should follow that do not hurt ourselves or others, supervise and protect others from injury, be an intrinsically safe employee, jointly implement safety responsibilities and promote safety development!

        After the oath, the Safety and Environment Protection Department of the Company organized employees of all departments to participate in the signing activity. The leaders of the company led all employees to solemnly sign their names on the commitment letter on the theme of safety activity month of "Implementing Safety Responsibility and Promoting Safety Development", and solemnly promised to abide by various safety management rules and regulations of the company, cherish life, stay away from violations and eliminate accidents, and ensure safe production.

        It is known that with the theme of "Implementing Safety Responsibilities and Promoting Safety Development", this "Safety Production Month" closely focuses on the company's annual central work. In addition to carrying out safety oath activities for all employees, we will also carry out several activities in various departments, such as safety production theme publicity, safety hazard investigation, fire accident evacuation emergency drill and so on, to further improve the safety literacy of all employees, strengthen the construction of safety culture and create a strong atmosphere of "Safety Production Month" to ensure safety production is stable and controlled.


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