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        Since Nanshan Forge Company was established, it strictly adheres to Nanshan Group’s development concept and is based on the spirit of innovation to be the leader in aviation forging industry. The Nanshan Forge Company attaches great importance to research and development activities as well as maintaining the strong and dynamic Nanshan brand. Nanshan Forge Company is an important part of the Nanshan Group in supplying high end products to their various markets and customers.
        Nanshan Forge Company was established in accordance with the "domestic leading and international first class" standards for being a largescale high-end forge enterprise.
        The company is capable to research, develop and produce high technology content, high value-added aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy and high strength structural steel forgings. The products cover aviation, shipbuilding, petrochemical, rail transportation, energy, marine and other industries that require high-end forgings.


        R&D team

        High standards, high starting point, high positioning, excellent team is the key to achieving accurate implementation.

        Nanshan Forge Company has a team of engineers and technicians with reasonable structure of age, title and educational background, which has advanced level in domestic China, forming a R&D team devoted to aluminium alloy, titanium alloy, super alloy and steel alloy. The R&D team consists of PHD graduates, post-graduates and bachelors, most of whom have titles of a senior professional post, intermediate professional post, escorting development and production. In addition, we have employed R&D experts from America, France and Russia etc. The experts are in charge of the design of the workshop process layout, development of equipment technical specification, training system, process, die design and organizing system qualifications. With strong support from the team, Nanshan Forge Company is capable to research and manufacture the most complex high-end forgings in aviation, energy and other markets.

        Since it was established, Nanshan Forge Company has successively built a close relationship with several reputable universities (Purdue University, Central South University, Northeastern University, University of Science&Technology Beijing, Beijing University of Technology, North China University, Shandong University) at home and abroad and several research institutes as well as enterprises. Perform joint technical research, consultancy service, commercialization and promotion of achievements. In 2015, we took part in lots of international academic exchanges and visits and achieved plenty of scientific achievements, applied for patents and got authorizations. Published several papers in national journals; Jointly developing bachelors with School of Material at Yantai Nanshan University, among which material forming and control engineering and metallurgy and materials engineering are key majors.


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